Property Re-Wiring

Rewires to the highest Standard

Mi Charge Electrical Specialize in house rewires. We understand that having a full rewire or partial re-wire is a major job and we will go through the process of the rewire with you making a plan of when certain rooms, areas will be worked on. An example would be that we would only work on one lighting circuit at a time leaving you with light up stairs or down stairs while the other is being renewed. Also we can leave power to different socket circuits so that you can function as close to normal that is practical.

Rewiring your house is a great chance to create your own lighting designs down-lights, wall lights, centre roses (the choose is yours), we are happy to go through the different benefits of different lighting styles, schemes and reliability with you.

Before the re-wire begins we can go through room by room with you making sure that you will have Socket points in all the right places and insure that your every electrical need will be met.
A rewire will take around two weeks. (depending on property size)

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