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We provide some good lighting services

Mi Charge offers an excellent lighting service from design through to install and switch on. We can help with your ideas of lighting levels, lighting schemes and selection of light unit based on reliability, quality, purpose and positioning.

The most important method used when designing lighting schemes or positioning is to consider three different types of lighting. Ambient, Task and Accent. Each of the three types will do a very different job and to often people can make the mistake of expecting one type of light to achieve every need.

Mi Charge Electrical Services have over 25 years experience of designing and installing lighting systems across Lancashire. We are always happy to visit and give free estimates for lighting schemes and installations.

Ambient: Also called general lighting, ambient lighting provides overall illumination for a room, and is intended to create a uniform light level throughout, independent of any special lighting that may be needed in targeted areas. Ambient lighting takes many forms, including: Pendant lights, Downlights and wall lights.

Task: Targeted to a particular area of a room, task lighting is intended to illuminate a specific function. Areas that require task lighting include kitchen counters where food will be prepared, office desk surfaces, workshops and any area where lighting is required for detailed close up work.

Accent: Also called highlighting, accent lighting draws attention to a particular object, such as sculptures, plants or Paintings. Accent lighting can also be used outdoors, to highlight trees, signs and water features.

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