NEW Fuse Boards

Upgrade to a new modern consumer unit

Old consumer units use a piece of fuse wire that needs replacing every time that it blows. Often these older type Fuse Boards are found in electrical installations (homes) and are overdue an update. An upgrade to a new modern consumer unit (fuse box or fuse board) with circuit breakers and RCD’s will make your electrics safer by giving you greater protection against an electric shock or an electrical fire. It is of course much easier to flick a switch when a fuse blows than to re-wire the Fuse also.

When Changing a Fuse board we will test all of your circuits and make safe any items that are un-safe. It is very important to test all circuits when changing a fuse board, as the newer consumer units will detect more issues with the wiring than what the older type fuse boards would. By testing these issues can be found and dealt with. When the consumer unit is changed an electrical Certificate will be issued and each circuit labeled on the fuse board cover.

There is a great amount of talk about RCD’s Tripping when upgrading your fuse board, with most stories we hear people saying that (the electrics are tripping due to an over sensitive RCD). I most stress this is very rare, in 99% of cases it is due to low insulation resistance on the house wiring or an appliance. This can be tested for and will normally be found within an hour or so and dealt with.

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fuse box replacements with a modern rcd installed in chorley by mi charge electricians

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