Electric Sockets

Electric sockets installed -

Mi Charge are always happy to add socket points (plug sockets) to rooms where socket points are lacking. We can also convert single sockets to double sockets. When converting sockets from single points to Double we will take out the old single back box and make the hole large enough to install a double back box and hence a double socket. The new Double Socket will be flush mounted and you will not have the need to repair your plaster as we will make good around the edges.

The price to install a single socket is the same as a double, as the same amount of work takes place to install a single socket or a double socket. The cost of converting a single socket to a double is cheaper that installing a new socket.

Under the British Standards, Newly installed sockets in the domestic environment no matter which room will require protection by an RCD and the water and the Gas pipes need an earth attached. Hopefully this will have already been done in your home, but if not it should be considered as it makes your electrics safer and gives you greater protection against an electric shock or an electrical fire.

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